Amazing Grace Church is, of course, similar to most other Christ-following, Christ honoring Christian churches. In another sense, however, we are unique (as are all churches). Just as the Lord makes no two individuals alike, or two families alike, neither does he create any two churches alike. This is not a criticism of any other church, we just want to let you know who we are and point out a few of our unique characteristics and commitments.

Jesus Christ and the bible

We preach and teach Jesus Christ. We proclaim Christ - preaching from the Holy Scriptures, the  Bible – which we believe is God’s inspired and infallible witness to Jesus Christ. The Bible tells the story of Jesus and points us to Jesus. We worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and seek to be used by God in his mission to redeem humanity and restore his creation. In that sense, we are an EVANGELICAL church (in the best sense of that word). We're also an INTERDENOMINATIONAL church in that we combine and respect the rich heritage of many different traditions. We are NONDENOMINATIONAL in that we are not officially connected to any church organization. We are, however, NON-SECTARIAN in that we are supportive of, and cooperate with, the Christian community at-large locally and around the world.

The Holy Spirit and Worship

We are committed to vibrant, Spirit-led worship and a style marked by love, order, liberty, and life in the Spirit. We are blessed with excellent music in which we seek a healthy balance between traditional and contemporary styles, between dignified order and spontaneous sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. While seeking to be open to the Spirit’s leading we, at the same time, deeply respect the church’s historical and traditional liturgy and calendar.

The Gospel of gods grace

 We are committed to getting the gospel right. We are committed to preaching, teaching and living the gospel (see the full definition under our “beliefs” section). Our mission is to be a safe haven of grace in a world filled with "ungrace," a place marked by Christlike acceptance. We want you to come as you are. We seek to give each other the room to grow, the freedom to think, the safety to ask questions, and the time and space to develop in your giftedness. We want to be an encouragement toward those with past failures or current issues, but who are seeking forgiveness, counsel, and help in their struggle. We want Amazing Grace to be more than a song that we sing. We want it to be our defining characteristic.

Shared leadership

 One of the most unique features of our church is that it is - in actuality - pastored by a team of "co-equal" pastors. In that sense, we don’t have a “Senior Pastor.” Or, if you prefer, we have several co-equal Senior Pastors. We benefit from the different perspectives and approaches that each of our pastors offer. It's good for them, it's good for us, and it's quite biblical!


Church and the body of christ

We are passionately committed to being the church, God’s special possession, the Body of Christ in locale. We believe that we are a creation of the Holy Spirit, a miracle that doesn’t look like a miracle, a divinely created Family on a Mission. We are pleased that our church has old and young, rich and poor, expressive and reserved, urban and suburban, right-wing and left-wing, people of various colors, and other differences, all unified by the common bond of faith in Christ and mutual respect.